Founded: 2016

Owner: Alexandria Bucaoto, Sonja Suarez Carey, Kristen Christensen, Jessica Clair, Rachel Harman


Areas of expertise: 
Bringing women together, embracing diversity, offering support and encouragement while creating a family like atmosphere.

About Us

Club Harmony has a mission to unite diversity by using groups of Women. There are many women who lack support and are judged on a daily. At Club Harmony is where that all changes. These Women at Club Harmony unite to give back to their communities and to give back to each other. These Women take the diversity within the group to better the group and to better their world ..

Who We Are

Club Harmony

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What Our Members Have To Say

Club Harmony is a unified non-profit organization of women who have come together to create a sense of belonging for other women. Women of Club Harmony work together to make the Club a place where all types of women want to come to feel supported and needed. Club Harmony was created to boost women’s esteem, self-awareness and to embrace our womanhood together.  There are women out there who have no support from family, friends or spouses, but that all changes when you join Club Harmony. We are doing our best as a group to create a small environment of peace and support to try and spread this to become a large environment of peace and support. We want to develop a world of women who ultimately bring out the best of each other, with each other. For more information on what we are doing and how to participate reach out to our Club Harmony staff or members.